The Farmer and the Larder better known as the uber dope power couple Jovan Sage and Chefarmer Matthew Raiford are about to set Brunswick, GA on fire with their new culinary space of the same name.

These are two of the most gorgeous, brilliant, and committed good food folks I know and they have joined their magical forces to bring their brand, that extends to the amazing work they do on Gilliard Farms, to the people in a retail space that will be part meeting place part event space and part culinary classroom.

Matthew is a chef turned farmer who took a pause from his illustrious culinary career a few years ago to go back to school and learn organic farmer then took his degree and his passion back to his ancestral land that had been organically farmed since emancipation. He used history, his culinary knowledge and his passion for our foodways to create this jewel of agriculture that also honors his family.


Jovan is a multifaceted goddess who for many years brought diversity to Slow Foods USA and used her many talents to help bring more voices of color to the global good food movement.

What they've created with the Farmer and the Larder is so unique and so special and this space is an extension of beautiful mission these two have created, so please keep a look out for more info by liking their The Farmer and the Larder and Gillard Farms facebook pages!