Back in 2012 theres was a documentary produced by Independent Lens called "More Than a Month" by filmmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman where he ask the question "Should we even celebrate black history month anymore?". I'm sharing this because today the google doodle was of Harriet Tubman and I thought it random until i saw the date and realized that yet another February is upon us so blackness in interesting or at least in the zeitgeist for a few weeks.

google doodle.jpg

i don't know, so many things to consider, and this film does a lot to contextualize the conversation, but i'm somehow not as excited to see Harriet in all her glory this morning now that i know it was cus its black history month. Like i was actually giving google a little bit of props for the obscure bit of out of context black history, but now im feeling let down...anyhow check out this film if you haven't seen it, great work by this very smart brother and lets perhaps have some good conversations this month that honor our heritage and don't just help the country continue to subscribe to the laziest forms of negro appeasement.