One of the things I have always loved about the Carver legacy is that his genius was well rounded and multidimensional. He was an artist, a thinker, a foodie, an philosopher, a scientist and a man of God, and all these facets were beautiful and thoughtful and important in a time when our humanity as black people was marginalized. What to have been able to exist in a space where you were able to be authentically yourself, do work you loved and were placed on earth to do, and respected for it all at the same time during an era in this country were your very existence would have been a revelation is inspiring. Carver gave us so much more than the peanut and as we celebrate his legacy we should also give thanks to his humanity without which much of his work would not exist.

Below is a short video on carver with a rare treat featuring the late Mannin Marable who was another black luminary we shoudl all be thankful for!!