Tonight we lost a culinary giant and our community is heartsick. So often the simplistic questions about where all the black chefs are or why there aren't more black chefs in the world of fine dinning is debated and the sad part is that the very question diminishes the life long legacies of chefs like Darryl Evans.

Chef Evans, who exemplified the excellence we look for in our culinary leaders was at the forefront of modern American cuisine. He served at the helm of some of our county's most prestigious kitchens, was the first African American chef on the Us Culinary Olympics Team, and accomplished all that by literally working his way up in the culinary ranks through the ACF as apprentice in the early eighties.

Chef Evans was a serious chef who inspired everyone he met. His skill and talent undeniable, but his spirit, poise, and innate gravitas were among the things I remember most. I only got to speak with Chef Evans once very early on in this project and his words of encouragement and advice about career longevity will stay with me forever, but for me he will always be an icon and a culinary legend. There are so many of you that knew Chef Evans as brother, friend, mentor and for you the loss of this amazing man is beyond consolation. My prayers and thought go out to you and to his family both blood and culinary that will be forever changed by the loss of this giant.

I think often about the legacy we are each leaving behind and the examples we have to show young people of professional chefs and what that path looks like. Chef Darryl Evans was the best case study in what dedication, passion, goodness, decency, and technical brilliance will bring you as a professional chef and his life will serve as an example to all of us as to what is possible in this work.  please feel free to post you stories of rememberence here or on our fb page so that we keep the life and legacy of this great man alive!!